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The Rulebook (except it's not a book)

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1 The Rulebook (except it's not a book) on Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:47 am


Not every one likes rules, but unfortunately, we need them in order to
keep control and restrain unnecessary actions. Because of such,
here are some rules that should be followed throughout this forum.

o1. Respect every one. There's no need for arguments, so please avoid them in the best way possible. If there is a serious need to continue the argument, please take it elsewhere from this forum. No one likes to awkwardly watch unneeded commotion.

o2. Give rightful credit to every one. If you post up artwork, a video, a cover, or anything of the like, then please credit the correct owners and creators. If you do not know whom the rightful owner is, please then just state that it is not yours and belongs to someone else (whom you don't know).

o3. Keep every thing that is said or displayed within the level of PG-13. This might sound stupid, but please due note that not every one is mature when they join this forum. As a result, it'd be best to keep any sexual talk or inappropriate language to the strict minimum. No "sex" related topics are allowed, and cursing would be appreciated it they were censored or starred.

o4. Listen to all the moderators and admins. We only say what we do to either help or make sure that every one follows the rules. Please just do as your told, and if you can't, then enjoy a good ban from this forum.

o5. Please keep every thread in the right section. If you do not know where it belongs, then merely post a thread in the "Help" section and ask where the thread would go. It's easy as that!

o6. Please try your best to speak in correct grammar. Sure, no one's perfect, but all we ask is that it's readable. Most of us don't appreciate your speech being COMPLETE text talk or 1337. Thanks. It helps my eyes, that's for sure.

o7. Follow every specified rule within a thread. People may have added their own custom rules to whatever thread they have made (such as art request stands, or episode planning topics). Not following their rules will result in a strict warning; we make rules for reasons.

o8. Do not make any racial, sexist, or related comments. That includes gay bashing. We're all people in the end, so do not make any rude or offensive comments against race, gender, or orientation. If you have something against any of the above, then keep it to yourself.

o9. Rules may be added when they're found fit. If at any time the staff thinks of a new rule or one that needs to be made immediately, then it will be put up. Usually announcements will be made for big rules and whatnot.

If any of these rules are not followed purposely, then you will be warned once.
If behavior continues, then you will be banned from this forum. If rules are
broken merely because they were forgotten, then it's one warning per rule.
Sorry, and thanks for cooperating.

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