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[Miracle] Mimi Annabelle Glass

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1 [Miracle] Mimi Annabelle Glass on Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:02 am


Singer's Alias: Cheshire
Character's Name: Mimi Annabelle Glass
Character's Age: Fifteen.
Character's Orientation: Straight.
Character's Gender: Female
Character's Personality: Mimi is always nice, upbeat, and caring for those around her. She is always going out of her way to provide a better situation for another in the best possible way she can. With such intentions in mind, she believes that every one should deserve better. However, because of how protective and affectionate she is for others, she will become extremely angered if someone bothers them. When she is angered, she becomes fierce and uncaring for the victim or her health. Or, she becomes so angered that she is calm and quiet.
Character's Appearance:
"How she looks":
Here is a drawing I did of her that should easily show you how she appears. As far as color goes, her hair is a regular brown and her eyes are sky blue. Her little wolf fangs are obviously milk white, and her wolf tail and ears are the same color as her hair; brown. Her shirt and skirt is this color, and her skin tone is this color. She's barefoot, just so you guys know. And, if it helps at all, this is only her "power" form (her ability activated). In her normal form, she looks exactly the same except with no wolf ears, tail, of fangs.

note: blue underlined words are links, not colors.
Character's Ability: Basically anger fuels her shapeshifting;
(25%) - slightly angered; her tail and ears grow (wolf ones). She fights w/ her fists and feet. (she can get this form when depressed too, but doesn't fight in such cases)
(50%) - angered more; fangs and claws (only on hands) grow too. Her claws are half a foot long. Fights w/ claws, kicking, and biting.
(75%) - angered MORE; hand's claws grow a full foot long. Fights the same way as 50%.
(100%) - fully angered; wolf (normal size). Fights w/ biting, clawing, and tackling.
(---%) - For future reference when she learns to master her powers without anger (VERY MUCH SO IN THE FUTURE OF THE ANIME); she has sacrifice intentions (not death, but serious injuries); abnormal sized wolf (9 feet) Fights same as 100% form. The result of its is that she goes into a mini coma.
When does your character use these abilities?: The first minor form can merely come when she's depressed or when she's begun to get angry. She doesn't really control the use of her abilities, and thus, she just uses them when she's angered since she's unable to control her mad emotions and actions.
Control: Mimi can't control her abilities at all since it is controlled by her emotions.
Character's Weapon: Her fists/own body, as well as claws and fangs that she grows in further angered forms.
Character's Past: Mimi's family was a sweet one that couldn't possibly love her more. When she was born, she made them feel an odd sense of comfort and pure hope. They had a strange belief that she would help bring an end to the unfair life that was the fault of Lights'. As a result, she became the most loved among the family, and they would go to no end in order to try and make life suitable for her. They would make beds for Mimi out of unused clothes and leaves and grass from the forest, as well as sacrifice their food every now and then to give her more. All the while she was unaware of the mistreatment that was happening to her family; she was to stay home every time they went to work. When they came home, Mimi would eagerly sing them a happy song in hopes of restoring their spirit, for they seemed to come home in misery every day.

Eventually it came the time for her voice to be taken away, and she did not know it was coming. The beauty of her voice was something that her parents couldn't stand to be taken away, so they selfishly took a young child from the streets that resembled them slightly. The child's voice was taken away by a Light in place of Mimi, who stayed at the forest near the river as instructed by her father. Later he came to get her, and she continued to live her life as she had until then.
Character's Life: Mimi currently lives hidden in the forest near town. Every now and then she sneaks into the town to see if there are any people doing alright or to observe what they are dealing with now.
Side: Miracle.
Other: She later is in a relationship with Yari.

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