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Character Relationships

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1 Character Relationships on Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:01 am


A lot of us want a pairing for our character, or some other role in their character's life. This could be that of a sibling, sibling-like friendship, or possibly even a significant other. However, there's no guarantee that you'll get every desired pairing.

To discuss pairings, please fill out this form in order to organize what's going on with your character:
My character's name:
My character's gender and age:
My character's appearance: (reference picture or detailed description.. reference pictures are preferred.)
My character's personality: (brief description so people can get an idea of whom their character is getting themselves with)
Relationship requests: (what kind of relationships do you want your character to have and why/what do you plan to happen with it?)
Relationships accepted: (not all pairings will be accepted for whatever reasons; this is so that we limit relationships rather than have every one be couples and whatnot. Envy must approve of these relationships before they're official. Please list them here when they're accepted.)
This form does not have to be in every one of your posts within this topic. Only repost it whenever a new update has been made to it.

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2 Re: Character Relationships on Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:09 am


My character's name: Mimi Annabelle Glass
My character's gender and age: Female, and her age is to be determined; I'm going to save it to fit that of her lover's.
My character's appearance:
My character's personality: Mimi is a fun loving female whom goes to no end for adventure and joy. As a result, she's very childish despite her age and that very attitude may get her in tons of serious trouble with danger. However, at the same time, Mimi is extremely caring and often concerned for someone other than herself. She's willing to sacrifice herself for any one in need, and wishes that she had the power to stop the Lights herself and give hope to the humans. Note that her power is driven by anger, so it only comes to show that she's even more careless in her reckless neko-wolf form.. thing.
Relationship requests: a significant other is something that Mimi will need later in the anime due to her bubbly and caring personality and some final battle planning. That idea will be discussed with the owner of her significant other's character.
Another thing to connect with her personality, Mimi needs an older brother figure due to her childish behavior and lack of awareness. She needs this figure to be someone whom could watch over her just as a real one would.
Relationships accepted: um..

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3 Re: Character Relationships on Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:10 am

Temp reference picture.

My character's name: Annabella Ismene
My character's gender and age: F/Eighteen
My character's appearance: Annabella stands about five foot six, and is slim and slender. Her skin is very pale, almost as if she is unhealthy and hasn't seen the light of day in years. Her hair is light brown, almost blonde, of shoulder length with wavyness to it. Her eyes are a light blue color, almost sky blue, which always appear to be tired or dazed. She has very petite and young looking features. Naturally thin, she has what people might call chicken legs, the fact she is tall does not help any. Often times she is seen wearing dresses of sorts, usually white in color, and is always barefoot. She tends to look like she is tired a lot of the time, whether or not she is is questionable. She however is still very pretty and somewhat doll like.

My character's personality: Annabella is very sweet, kindhearted, and open. She treats everyone with respect, and tries to take care of them and make sure they are always happy and content. She is a people pleaser, sometimes overworking herself to make sure everything is okay and she has met everyone's needs, sometimes overworking herself to the point of exhaustion, though what makes her continue to do this is seeing people's faces. Content and happy. She doesn't like confrontation, as she believes it doesn't lead to anything good, and she doesn't like violence or yelling. She doesn't yell, ever. She sees, or think she sees, the best in everyone, even if maybe what she thinks she sees isn't there. She believes she has people's troubles figured out, and always has this mission to make them happy. Sometimes, this just gets her into trouble. Annabella is quite sensitive. She gets her feelings hurt easily though she really doesn't like to let it show, and will leave the room to cry. But she is also quite sensitive to other people's feelings, and will not judge, trying to understand what made them feel how they are, she is a good listener and will happilly let you cry the night away in her lap. She's honest, as she believes that it's important, though she sugar coats what she believe may hurt people's feelings. She can be a bit clingy sometimes, and she doesn't know she is doing it, she is just a bit protective or even possessive. And if she likes someone, she likes to spend all her time with them. Her world revolves around that person. At times she can be stubborn, and when she makes up her mind it's hard to change it. She is strong willed and when she wants something she will go after it. She is also quite the hopeless romantic and passionate person.
Relationship requests: I would love one of the following:

Boyfriend: Someone she's with since the beginning, a mutually loving healthy relationship xD. Nothing specific Smile.

The developing odd couple: Someone younger, possibly shy and needing someone to care for them. Or, that person that doesn't stick up for themselves or is very emotional. Annabella would start out as protecting and caring like a motherly figure, but would end up loving you.

Protective boyfriend/lover/crush/etc: Annabella cares so much for others she doesn't take care of herself, this person would see the good in her and want to be the one to take care of HER. Meanwhile, Annabella would be as herself, loving, doting, sweet, probably extremely shy and clumsy.

Someone she can look after: Preferable same gender, and preferably someone that most people either dont bother to understand or get along with. Annabella would be the person who bothered to understand and get to know you, and would would risk her life for you, even if you never seemed to like her much.

Relationships accepted: N/A

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4 Re: Character Relationships on Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:51 am

My character's name: Kiru Yukio
My character's gender and age: M/18
My character's appearance:
--- 5'10", 55kg
--- Kiru is quite light for his height and is often called underweight because of this. He is slightly tanned and often wears his glasses even though he may not need them all the time (too lazy to remove them). His hair is pitch black but sometimes due to the lighting, may come out as a darkish brown. His bangs are parted to the left and the rest is layered. He also tends to spike some of his hair (especially at the top and back), but it really depends on his mood. (Close to display picture) His eyes are a dark brown and he often has a calm or relaxed look upon his face. He is often seen wearing casual clothes but loves hoodies. Kiru also always wears a watch on his left arm and an orange band behind it (force of habit). He also likes to wear his pair of white headphones around everywhere which hang around his neck.
When using his ability though, his right eye will them change color to a goldish shade.
My character's personality: He's kind and cares deeply for others. Often at times he will go out of his way to help others before considering himself. He's quite quiet and reserved unless he's with a group of people whom he trusts. Otherwise he can be outgoing and humorous.

He finds it hard to trust others at first glance but once he gets to know a person quite well, he is then willing to share his past and opens up to them. Honesty is often the first trait he looks for when meeting someone new. He can also be quite clumsy and can bring up awkward moments for himself at times.

Relationship requests:

Someone he can get close with: Either one would get to know Kiru personally and understand him completely.
(M) would end up as an older or younger brother type of relationship. (F) would end up as a close friend which could then move onto a girlfriend/crush/lover relationship.

Relationships accepted: N/A

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5 Re: Character Relationships on Tue Sep 13, 2011 7:43 pm

My character's name:
Cyan Luxor

My character's gender and age:
Currently 18 years old and male. Age is still variable at this point and will change based on potential relationships. He will end up between 16-20. Gender is not variable because the hormone therapy would take way too long. >.>

My character's appearance:
[note: this is his outfit as a Light]
[5'11] [160 lbs]
Hair reference: Just like this (color is a bright cyan)
Facial features: Clean shaven. Light brown eyes.
Head/Neck Accessories: Four silver chain necklaces of various lengths, the shortest being a choker and the longest reaching his chest. Black bandanna tied around his neck.
Torso: Form-fitting, solid black shirt... if he's wearing one, at least. Bracelets and armbands across both arms, ranging from cheap jelly bracelets (in black and cyan) to gold and silver chains. Silver watch on right wrist.
Lower Body: Tattered, ripped shorts (black, of course) that reach halfway between the feet and knees. White leather belt.
Feet: Rugged, yet light, black boots.

My character's personality:
[note: this is his personality as a Light]

Arrogant, obsessed with himself, and maybe just a little sadistic. Cyan's main concern is making sure the world revolves around him, and he'll do anything in his power to give himself the best conditions, even if it means putting himself at risk. He tends to be a little nomadic because of this, drifting from place to place and adapting his personality to fit the situation. He claims to be a romantic, but he's often fallen short of having the necessary compassion for his past relationships.

He has an almost unhealthy obsession with getting things done fast. Each second is precious to him, and he'll meticulously plan each one in advance so that everything is done as efficiently as possible. Though, when confronted with someone unplanned, he is incredibly impulsive and hasty.

Relationship requests:
Cyan is straight.

Being a double agent, I see him having one romantic partner for each side. I would say both are equally important for developing his character in the story, and I already have quite a few plot points in mind for it.

A fitting Light partner for him would be as ruthless and manipulative as he is, if not more, and I can see the relationship starting as a "partners in crime" kind of thing, where the two of them play off each others' strengths and make up for each others' weaknesses, and soon it develops into a full-fledged relationship. This relationship would be based more off partnership and teamwork.

A fitting Miracle partner for him would be altruistic and kind, to match his unusual attitude and behavior when he's siding with them. A nurturing, almost motherly nature will nicely contrast his downtrodden and depressed (and completely fake) attitude. This relationship would be based more off protection and care.


Nothing in mind, but I'm open to any friendly pairing, as Cyan's nature makes him quite adaptable.

Relationships accepted:

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6 Re: Character Relationships on Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:38 pm

let me try.. Very Happy

My character's name: Ichinomiya Manna
My character's gender and age: female, 16 y.o
My character's appearance:

My character's personality: misterious.. she is a girl with lots of complicated secrets.. has an angelic smile as her decoy but nobody really knows what's inside her mind.. even though, she's a kind girl.. she has an "out of the box" way of thinking.. always bring gasp and surprise in the end..

Relationship requests: well, I want a sad-romantic relationship.. since she'll die after all.. a weeping lover and some friends in sadness will be great.. lol

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