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[Light] Faina Andreev

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1 [Light] Faina Andreev on Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:24 am

Singer's Alias: *rikio
Character's Name: Faina Andreev (Her name means "Light")
Character's Age: 23
Character's Orientation: Bisexual, and as usual in roleplaying - to me romance is encouraged so I totally don't mind being paired up.
Character's Gender: Female
Character's Personality: She's quiet, arrogant and sarcastic. She looks cool-headed but is actually extremely hot-headed and gets angry as well as annoyed easily. Faina thinks she is working for the world but actually is a very selfish person.

She finds it hard to speak the truth to the point that lies come out of her mouth so easily unless if the answer was obvious - but this is also put into action with her sarcasm. She is very manipulative and tends to believe even in the smallest little lies she made up - forgetting even the truth.

Faina is very quiet, only speaking when she needs to; but an evil grin is always plastered to her face.

Character's Appearance: Faina Andreev
--- 5'7", 53kg
--- Faina lost her melanin cells from the consumption of a kind of poison that she accidentally drank from an afternoon tea with her detective guardian. She was 20 at the time.
Character's Ability: She has the ability to manipulate light. This means that she can actually form a holographic star from memory, sometimes even turning things that she tries to form into a solid object. But she needs at least a small source of light for her to manipulate; at least a small ray of light that broke in from a small hole.

She is also an illusionist - but only for a very short time; by blinding her target with a ray of light and then using her memory, to form an image that can be seen by only her target. This is not very strong, though; because it's not exactly her core ability.
When does your character use these abilities?: Only when she is at peace, which is very rare.
Control: Because it's hard for her to actually use her ability (meaning she is rarely at the mood that's perfect for her ability), she has a pretty good control over her powers to make up to it - so she has to use her power to it's full potential only at specific times.
Character's Weapon: Small (butter knife-like) knives; she carries around about 3 of them all the time.
Character's Past: Faina was born in a town with two normal parents, - cold. Snowy, still. Faina had always loved reading, and found talking to be a waste of time, because she could hear everybody's thoughts. She wasn't a good child but she wasn't a bad child either. Just troublesome. She was quiet; making people think that she was a well-mannered child but she was the "mysterious thief with a tiny figure" that everyone had been talking about.

Oh she knew the secret her family kept, whenever she heard their voices despite how they didn't even open a mouth.

They practiced black magic; and the neighbors had talked about it. In fact, they even thought that Faina was a product of Black Magic, or a mysterious religion that no one around her liked. They had promised to burn the house down at the night when the powers of witches and warlocks were at the weakest. The night of the new moon. Faina was only seven years old.

And her family was robbed away. Her parents managed to keep her in a treasure box that was externally fireproof. Faina slept through the ordeal, but when she woke up she was surprised at the fact that she was in a box. A small piece of wood from the inside of the box blinded her right eye. She was found by the female detective who tried to find out about the reason of the homicide.

Faina swore to never trust anyone. Other than this detective, simply because she could read her mind and know that this detective had good intentions.
This female detective's death was never specified, but it was mentioned in the news that Faina was supposed to die as well - except that the poison was lesser effective on her than it was to her detective - who died instantly whilst Faina could have taken at least 10 minutes to die. Why was this, even Faina hasn't gotten to know yet.

Character's Life: After the death of her guardian, Faina took over the place. Despite her mental condition, she can still manage a life alone. And had always found singing, talking, making any kind of noises were not necessary ever since she was born. Because of this, she had always hunted down people who did - choking them sometimes to death - because that was how much she opposed them.

Because of this, though; the Lights before her tracked her down. Faina thought that there was no point to work in groups but maybe in groups she will find out who slipped in the lethal poison into her tea. Maybe the world would be more in peace. Faina took two months to consider about joining the Lights.

When she joined the Lights, she moved into a black castle, which governed the current land she lives in; an antique, old medieval town.

Side: Light (Evil)

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