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    [Miracle] Ichinomiya Manna [Temporary]

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    1 [Miracle] Ichinomiya Manna [Temporary] on Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:04 pm

    Singer's Alias: Kuro-G..
    Character's Name: Ichinomiya Manna..
    Character's Age: in range of 16-18 y.o..
    Character's Orientation: straight..
    Character's Gender: female..
    Character's Personality: misterious.. she is a girl with lots of complicated secrets.. has an angelic smile as her decoy but nobody really knows what's inside her mind.. even though, she's a kind girl.. she has an "out of the box" way of thinking.. always bring gasp and surprise in the end..
    Character's Appearance: red wavy long hair.. usually let lose or kept hide inside her hood.. extremely vivid emerald eyes.. pale skin.. medium size body.. she use any clothes that she found, but usually a jeans.. a short, t-shirt, hooded jacket, and boots..
    Character's Ability: she control her voice to boost her speed.. since speed is fundamental for her to survive.. Smile
    When does your character use these abilities?: in danger.. it's only for survival..
    Control: quite well..
    Character's Weapon: twin dagger..
    Character's Past: she came from a small ordinary family in town.. she lived with her parents and one little brother.. when she was discovered that she and her brother are "miracles" her parent give a twin dagger for her and her brother.. one each.. and hide them in the basement to kept them save from the light.. even though the lights find them, kill their parent and her little brother.. she'd save just because her brother gave his live so she can run away.. after that she do a hard live.. with nothing than the twin dagger, she start to bet her luck in survive..
    Character's Life: like some other miracles, she is alone, homeless, and starving.. she improved her fighting skill and use her twin dagger to hunt dinner or just play a trick in town so she'll get something to eat.. years as a wild orphan taugh her lots of trick to stay away from the light and keep on survive..
    Side: well, I think I want to be in the good side this time.. a miracle, please.. maybe with friends who'll cry when she died..
    Other: she's qute confident, but if something goes wrong, she has a bad habbit.. bitting her lips..

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