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[Miracle] Michael Sanders

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1 [Miracle] Michael Sanders on Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:58 pm

Singer's Alias: Kazekoe

Character's Name: Michael Sanders

Character's Age: 17

Character's Orientation: Straight

Character's Gender: Male

Character's Personality: He has a quiet, introverted disposition, and he doesn’t like doing anything to stand out from the crowd. He doesn’t like traveling in groups, both because he has a hard time trusting people and also because he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt because of him. He relies heavily upon his “fight or flight” instincts, and physical contact with others causes him to actually panic and lash out. Although he doesn’t like fighting or hurting others, he is willing to attack and even kill if he believes that someone has intent to harm him. When he is forced to fight he excels at close range combat.

Character's Appearance: Michael is about six feet and weighs about 160 pounds. He has medium length reddish brown hair and green eyes. He wears a red, hooded cotton jacket with a black t-shirt underneath, along with khaki cargo pants and white sneakers. He doesn’t other special adornments or belongings, except for an old black satchel which he uses to keep any food he will need while on the run, and also a pole which he uses as both a walking stick and a weapon.

Character's Ability: Any person within a 30-foot radius of him, whether it be a friend or foe, cannot use their ability. However, this does not affect someone who is outside this area of influence using their ability to affect something inside this area, such as someone using a projectile ability to attack him long range.

When does your character use these abilities?: Cannot turn off

Control: Not at all

Character's Weapon: A 6-foot steel pole

Character's Past: Michael grew up and lived with his parents in reasonable comfort, as his father worked for the Lights and had fallen into their good graces; however, when his parents discovered that he had kept his ability to sing, his father decided to hand him over to the Lights in order to save his own skin and keep his position. In order to keep him safe, Michael’s mother told him to run away and stay hidden, which he later found out had cost his mother her life. From then on was either on the run or living temporarily with some family willing to take care of him for a while before he was found out again. After a time spent traveling with other Miracles, he realized that his ability left the other’s unable to defend themselves while they were near him, and was afraid that this fact make even them eventually betray him and leave him for dead.
He then decided that from then on he would stay away from Miracles as well as Lights, and that he would attack either if they tried to get too close.

Character's Life: Michael is currently trying his best to live in solitude, and works at not making emotional ties with anyone, no matter how lonely his isolation gets. He either does manual labor to make his way, or he steals what he needs to survive and escapes to a new location. He tries his best not to sing, and when he catches himself doing it he moves locations immediately out of fear someone might have heard him. He ends up finding most comfort hiding amongst regular humans, for they are the only ones that his ability will not affect.

Side: Originally starts as not willing to work with either group, but eventually joins the Miracles

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