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    [Miracle] Hikami/Hikari & Yari

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    1 [Miracle] Hikami/Hikari & Yari on Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:44 am

    Singer's Alias:Yuki / ゆき

    Character's Name: Hikami/Hikari

    Character's Age: 15

    Character's Orientation: she is in love with her brother ( in the story we could have some try and persuade her not to love her brother anymore and she might actually fall in love with another guy/girl - so bi )

    Character's Gender: female

    Character's Personality: She's a total TSUNDERE TYPE A(Hikami) + TYPE B(Hikari) O.O ! A tomboy, athletic, more stronger than Yari, and is the pair to Yari becuase together they make the ice spear ( hikami+Yari)/ light spear ( Hikari+Yari). Hikami/Hikari's really mean to others and she doesn't lie at all so she says whatever she needs to stay but in truth, shes a softie and will hold back really hurtful comments. She's only at first close to her brother but as they both get to know other people she begins to warm up but shes still all tough. She doesn't leave her brother's side becuase she's the elder so she HAS TO look after Yari 'cause he's a definite softie and needs me' ( that's what hikami/hikari would say) Also she's in love with her brother because he unconciously knows how to take care of her, console, do stuff ( LOL DOES NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY OTL) and hikami tells her brother that she loves him by 'beating around the bush' so she doesn't get to the point because half the time ( hikami) doens't want to Yari to know that she loves him but the other half of the time ( Hikari) wants him to know to get it over and done with so nobody can steal him away.
    Hikari: A TRUE SADIST! When Hikami goes to look for Lights without yari knowing or with his consent ( highly dangerous because yari can see where hikami;s/ Hikari's hurt to help treat the wounds; and of course humans are not invincible so hikari/hikami is taking a GIANT RISK), Hikami would force Hikari out---> Once Hikari wakes up, she would smile and start singing to lure in a Light or two, she would torture her victim till death. If Hikari killed an innocent person, she would revert back to Hikami. If ever possible, Hikami would only gladly talk to someone who seems intresting to her, until she finds out that that person has done something bad enough that Hikari can kill the person, she will not kill the person. BUT the only person who can also turn her back to normal is yari becuase HIKARI is in love with Yari because yari knows how to stop an unstoppable beast and she didn't think she could stop the first massacre she made and that yari did not leave her side. Also, shes more serious, and does not know what a joke is, she tends to be emo but laughs at what ever seems funny to her, when shes mad she incidently, cuts her brother ( yeah inside ouch) but she fixes after realizing her mistake, unless she disapears and sulks and then makes hikami fix it.

    Character's Appearance:

    -minus the heels ( the shoes are hidden under her pants o.o; and extend up to just below her knees )-
    <<-- she looks little bit more happy ( in the anime) and smiles more often when shes around yari.
    Skin: Light tan - not too dark
    Hair - Black With Red Tints Here and There in her Hair (it doesn't matter where the red tints are)
    Eyes - LeftEye: Brown , RightEye: White/Silver-and the line through her eye is Red
    Necklace - Black rope, Silver cross ( the line going horizontal and the circle is Black)
    Bandages - Grayish/White/Maroon ( they are dirty with blood and dirt )
    Shirt - Navy Blue ( the shirt is dirty Blue )
    Strings - Mostly Black, some are Brown
    Pants - Dark Olive Green ( pants are dirty Olive)
    Pant Patches - MisMatch Colours (e.g. Pale Blue, Pale Rose, Black)
    Straps - Brown/Black/Gray
    Needles - Silver
    Flash Bombs - Gray/Olive Green/Black/Silver
    Boots - Black (including shoe laces) BTW Hikami manually ties the Shoes up so most of the time she sleeps with her shoes on
    Earings- Black, Chains- Silver, Cross- Sliver and Black( only the horizontal bar and circle are black)
    Gun - Black/gray/Dark Brown
    Gun Case - Most likely Brown
    Knives - Black Handel, Silver Blade
    Knife Sheath - Brown

    Character's Ability: Hikami/Hikari has the ability to move, mend,and break all internal parts of the body. For example, -healing- she can close a wounds, she can fix a fractured bone, and an internal bleeding. Fore example -fighting- she can break bones, she can open arteries, etc but she has to feel the area for she cannot see within the body.

    When does your character use these abilities?: Hikami uses these abilities when she needs to protect herself/others or when fixing internal injuries.
    Hikari uses them to injure her enemy; slow torture, then eventually death.

    WHen she uses these powers: Same as loner hikami/hikari.~

    "Hikami uses these abilities when she needs to protect herself/others or when fixing internal injuries.
    Hikari uses them to injure her enemy; slow torture, then eventually death."

    Control: The character's source of power is her own energy and yari's energy because when the twins are within 100 metres of each other ( so their minds are in sync creating the Ice(Hikami) Spear[Yari]), their energies are joined together, they don't get weak as fast as one alone( as in the twin is out of the 100m reach and their minds and their minds are not in synch [BTW no their powers are not joined as one, its just that their strength/control is much stronger when their together]); Hikami can control her power's quite well but as she begins to lose strength, her control wavers. But if Hikami pushes herself to protect herself/others she becomes stronger but in the end, her life is in danger. After, she could not use her powers for days, at that time she is very vulnerable and can not use her powers at all.( this applies to Yari as well)
    Hikari can control her power's quite well because she tends to torture her victim slowly and in the worst way possible, as she begins to lose her strength she immediately kills her victim so she has enough strength to escape and not be found or traced. Hikari tends to be more stronger than Hikami so Hikari doesn't need Yari technically but when they fight together, they create the ' Light [Hikari] Spear[Yari]

    Character's Life: She then learned how to use her dual personality to hunt lights for revenge at night ( she wouldn't tell her brother) Hikami began to understand Hikari and agreed on the light hunting but didn't do it often because she couldn't bear to see the aftermaths Hikari created. she would steal from selfish, spoilt, hateful rich brats/people ( may it be food, clothing, tools, etc ) and would never let her lil brother do it because of the past incident. Sooner or later she joined a miracle group of children who she thought could be useful for a safe home ( she even thought the way she thought now was disgusting so at times she would scowl at her self ; she never told this to her lil brother but would beat around the bush and ask her lil brother about another girl -which she was referring to herself- and talk about that 'other girl- and see if yari would like her or not).

    Side: Good

    Other: she show her 'love' by bullying and scolding but has an honest personality when she talks, so her face turns a little red when she insults a friend. also she tends to tease her lil brother because of how weak he is and is really clingy to him, so she refuses to leave his side ( but it might happen in the anime)


    Singer's Alias: Yuki / ゆき

    Character's Name: Yari

    Character's Age: 15

    Character's Orientation: Bi

    Character's Gender: Male

    Character's Personality: He's extremely kind, caring, fun, sociable and gullible but when the time is needed, he can be extremely smart. Also, he's quite clumsy when he's really happy. He's pretty much the opposite of hikami/Hikari in most ways, but he definitely isn't as mean as Hikami/hikari, so he's technically friends with everyone, which hikami/hikari hates, but Yari always makes up the time missed with hikami/hikari by being with her whenever he's free. He tends to help out whenever he possibly can and is like the bigger brother who is a super little brother when trying to do things ( clumsiiie !). He's pretty much not as athletic as Hikami/Hikari is, but he's pretty strong. Also, when Hikami/Hikari broguht a bloody death to some thugs in the past, he accepted her whole and said that he wasn't scared at all, loving her as she is. BUT ! That's just his facade, he's actually really pessistic, stressful, and sad because of his past, he's also extremely worried for Hikami/Hikari and in truth, he is actually scared of his twin, becuase he also, ( in truth OTL) does not want anyone to die.He seemss to be the guy who has no problems at all but in truth he's always stressed out, worried, sad, and just tormented, but hes the type of guy who keeps all the negative feelings within himself. << Keeps a happy smiling poker face on to not show his true feelings >>

    Character's Appearance:
    Same Hair Colour As Hikami
    Undershirt- greyish ( dirty grey)
    Jeans-Bluish greyish ripped dirty jeans
    Sneakers- Black+grey ( worn out )
    Bandages - dirty grey with red blotches ( showing blood)

    Character's Ability: He has the eyes of a super microscope (but this only applies to); he can see within an organism's body ( especially humans/lights/miracles). But he cannot see within his own body He's the pair to Hikami/Hikari and is technically useless in combat.

    When does your character use these abilities?: When Hikami/Hikari needs to heal and fight. or if there's something wrong with somebody he would check up on the person's systems to see what's making the person unhealthy.

    Control: his source of energy is his own energy and eyesight ( in a way; the 20-20 vision that he has when he doesn't use his power changes when he does, because when he uses his power, he can't see as clear unless he has Hikari supporting his energy supply, but sooner or later in the anime, Yari becomes completely blind, but that's when his powers work best. Also, when he does become blind Hikami tries to fix his eyes but he can't see within his own body so Hikami/Hikari could harm him further. He has a good control alone but his sight isn't as clear when his energy is joined with hikami's/hikari's.

    Character's Weapon: None

    Character's Life:

    Side: Good

    Other: He likes to keep in all his stress,sadness,anger, and everything negative.



    They used to live somewhere hot near the equator and she had a family of a mother, father, and themselves. they had all had their voices which was quite hard to maintain but this family was a strong one. but their peaceful life began to fade; the lights began hunting down her family and one by one they wear killed because they resisted the lights from taking their voices. their father, then their mother were the first to go down, the twins cried for days and nights (Age 10). For five years the twins have avoided any populated towns because they were scared of the lights and did not want to die, especially yari, he cried the most after their parents death so hikami/hikari had to look after him everyday. They lived in an abandoned house in a vacant land and surprising found it to be a former land, there were sprouts growing---> THEY WERE VEGETABLES ! so hikami/hikari tended to them and secretly grew them so they both had vegetables for meals, but since there were few, they couldn't stay there for long ( they stayed for about a week or 2) because yari was whining for food, they would go back to town and steal food from other people who've been stealing from others. for ABout 2 years later, they continued to steal food, but one time, they were caught by a real thugish looking guys and he almost beat yari to death, hearing her younger brother's cry she came in with a knife to stab the thug but she was caught off gaurd by another bunch of thugs ! Yari was dieing and bleeding to death, hikami/was begging, crying, and screamed out to stop, saying that she'd do anything, then the thugs began to sexually assault her, hikami screamed no and let out her power, in seconds, all the thugs were bleeding through thier skin.Then two thugs came into the scene and hikami/ hikari smiled and began to torture the thugs, screams filled the air for a second, but hikami/hikari muffled their faces, making them suffocate until she heard a voice telling her to stop, a pleading scared voice. Hikami/Hikari couldn't move, she left the thugs be, she looked at yari and began to shed tears, approaching him, she felt throughout his body, there were over 20 broken bones, but somehow she fixed them all, within hours, yari was in bandages, snug in the thugs bed, and a death glare came fromHikari's eyes, she knew that somehow or just because, she had to protect him, not even knowing that it was her own brother, for months hikami was still unconcious, and hikari was still concious, yari coudl now sit up now yari was the first person hikari ever met in her 'life' so she fell in love with the only person she would want in her life. Yari was always at the 'home' area and was really lonely so he made up an imaginary friend named Yami, because when Hikami/Hikari left to go kill Lights as a hobby, Yari did know, so he made the darkness his friend; From this point on Hikami/Hikari lured as many lights as she can and killed them with joy because of what they did to yari. but one day as she was trying to get food from thugs, a little inoccent girl walked in and Hikari instantly without hesitation killed her. Hikari dropped the food she was holding and vomited, hikami re awoken with a flash back of all the time she had missed and stared at the girls body and cried. she came back to yari and they both discussed what had happened, hikari was still concious in hikami's mind heard everything, that yari wasn't scared at all that he would be with Hikami/Hikari together- in truth yari was scared of his twin, but hid it as carefully as he could, he even knew that the two sides of his twin were actually in love with him, but Yari played it cool. Hikari at that moment cried and then hikami saw the tears herself and couldn't unerstand why she was crying, until Hikami/finally understood that the voice inside her head was her twisted personality. Around a year later, yari's power was discovered when Hikami/Hikari caught a cold, but yari was always the one being taken cared of, so he tried to find the source of it, tryign as hard as he could, Hikami/Hikari was really sick, he started to cry, wishing that he could see what was wrong, he looked up to see a heated up forehead and stuffy lungs, he thoguht until he came to the conclusion that Hikami/Hikari had a burning fever and had trouble breathing. yar told hikami/hikari to try and force out the small microscopics from her lungs to make her breathing better and to soother her brain cells by making ryhtmatic patterns to make her cool down. IT WORKED ! ... After The twins discussed their powers they had a conclusion that they were a pair destined to be together--> hikami/hikari were then both in love with yari becuase they couldn't bear to be with other people. A few weeks later they drifted into a miracle group and were told about the story/history of it, they agreed to work with the other miracles.

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