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    [Miracle] Lyra Muser

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    1 [Miracle] Lyra Muser on Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:22 am

    Singer's Alias: Vivii
    Character's Name: Lyra Muser
    Character's Age: 14
    Character's Orientation: Straight.
    Character's Gender: Female
    Character's Personality: Kind to most people, but very shy. She doesn't talk much unless she feels safe or she's with someone she trusts, which would be someone kind to her and acts like family to her. Often, she may feel awkward. Sometimes paranoid if danger is nearby, and is cautious at all times; And because of this, she can react quickly if danger ever comes to her. However, she is sometimes very clumsy and gets herself into trouble. Lyra has low self-esteem, and always believes her opinions are not important and that a lot of things are her fault. She's always willing to help in any way she can. Can be naive, gullible, and sensitive, so people tend to tease her a lot, which results in her ending up hurt. Lyra is never stubborn, and will agree to almost anything as long as nobody gets hurt. She fears conflict and tends to stay out of it. Listens to other people's problems and tries her best to help. Over-anxious and becomes nervous easily. Even when nervous, she can maintain a calm face though. Despite having low self-esteem and being shy, Lyra still is able to make friends and is an overall optimistic girl who loves peace.
    Character's Appearance: Height = 4'11"; Weight(I don't think this is necessary but..) = 79 pounds.
    Character's Ability: Can disappear and be mute so that enemies can't track her easily.
    When does your character use these abilities?: When in danger, or when she feels threatened.
    Control: Can control it when she's in a fight, but cannot control it when she's in trouble/danger.
    Character's Weapon: A type of brass knuckles with spikes so that she can attack quickly and get away.
    Character's Past: Lyra lived in an old shack with her mother. Her mother died later when she was 6 years old, and that's when Lyra discovered what a "Miracle" and a "Light" was. She didn't give it much thought until she met other Miracles and found out that Lights were trying to kill the Miracles.

    Once, she was attacked by a Light at night when she was walking home and that's how she lost her right eye.
    Character's Life: Lyra remains in her shack near the garbage even after meeting the other Miracles. She is a much happier girl now after meeting them, but she is also much more anxious and nervous. She looks forward into gathering with other Miracles. When at home, Lyra sits down on her ripped mattress that she calls her own bed, and reads a book or sleeps. Has to look for food in the garbage for she is too young to get a job. Even though she lived alone for a long time, she feels comfort knowing that she once had loving parents, and that she met such wonderful friends who were the same "kind" of people as her.
    Side: Lyra is a Miracle; she was born as one, and because she found out that Lights were out to kill Miracles, she decided that Lights were not the "good" people.

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