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[Light] Seth Winters

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1 [Light] Seth Winters on Mon Aug 22, 2011 8:59 pm

Singer's Alias

Character's Name
Seth Winters

Character's Age

Character's Orientation
Undecided but he's 15 so probably questioning if he ever gets around to liking people

Character's Gender

Character's Personality
Seth is very much still a child. If he doesn't get his way his temper will flare until he's either successfully set fire to whatever is annoying him or until he gets his way. He's not a huge fan of people, but if someone catches his interest then he's likely to follow and investigate. Seth greatly dislikes when people treat him as a child. Once he's angry Seth takes a while to calm down, usually having set fire to something in the process.

Character's Appearance
Height: 4'9"
Weight: ~90 lbs
[Picture to be added later]

Character's Ability

When does your character use these abilities?
Whenever the hell it suits him

Seth normally has pretty good control over his abilities. But his control quickly falters if his temper flares, normally leading to objects or people in the immediate vicinity spontaneously combusting.

Character's Weapon
Primarily Seth will fight using his fists and his abilities. But if the situation calls for it, he's pretty resourceful and will use whatever he can find lying around. He tends to keep a pocket knife with him just in case.

Character's Past
Seth was the youngest child of a very privileged family. Anything he wanted, he got. Which is mostly to blame for his bratty behavior. He began showing signs of his abilities at a very early age, accidentally setting fire to the bottom of a maid's dress. And once his parents discovered this they kept him locked in the house. He was allowed free reign, as long as he never went outside. Seth's parents, even though they were human, both knew of the war that was going on. Knew how anybody showing signs of these abilities, these...curses, were being either recruited or killed. So to keep their child safe, they forbade him from leaving the house.

Seth was fine living this way for a while. But after he hit the age of 13 it irritated him. He had no idea of the battles going on in the world. All he knew was that his brother and sister were given free reign everywhere...and he was confined to the house. After questioning his parents about it, they simply dodged the question...tried to change the subject. Seth knew they were avoiding his question. And that just made him angry. As he began throwing a bit of a tantrum, trying to demand the answers from them, he lost control of his abilities. Objects in the room were catching fire, but he paid no notice. Not until he saw how frightened his parents were. Scared for their lives because of their, barely teenaged, son. He stopped his yelling and quickly left. Seth packed a small bag and left the house, not intending on coming back. Even though they kept him locked up like a prisoner, he still cared for them. So he left to make sure he didn't hurt them again.

Character's Life
After living on the streets for a few months, Seth discovered the reason his parents had kept him hidden away. He found others like him but they seemed...different somehow. Like they were living in a daze, afraid of every little thing that moved. He refused to become like that. He wandered for a while longer before learning of the other side. The...Lights. They were powerful. Afraid of nothing. And that was something Seth admired. Much better then those...Miracles. Those ones he'd spent a few months with who were practically afraid of their own shadow. So he joined the Lights. It wasn't long before he was ruthlessly killing his own kind. Those with abilities. Seth doesn't really function well on his own, normally taking orders from another Light. Unless he gets bored or something catches his interest. Then he abandons his task to go investigate.

Seth is living pretty well. No longer on the streets. The boy has been gone from home for almost two years now. Though occasionally he'll go check on his family, never letting them know he's there. Losing his family is Seth's greatest weakness and he would do anything to protect them. And many of the people who know this tend to take advantage of it.

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2 Re: [Light] Seth Winters on Fri Aug 26, 2011 5:00 pm

o.o;; that's epic

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3 Re: [Light] Seth Winters on Fri Aug 26, 2011 5:30 pm

HakuraSakura wrote:o.o;; that's epic

lololol I need to remember to finish this later. =u='''

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4 Re: [Light] Seth Winters on Sat Sep 10, 2011 12:14 am

Yeahyeah. Done with this except for the picture~

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