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Character Episode Appearances

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1 Character Episode Appearances on Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:12 am


This is where we plan what character comes in during when. If that was too confusing, then just know that this is where we plan your character's appearance in the series!

Not every one will show up on the first five episodes, just so you all know. Some might even have to wait ten. Just know that you all will come up at a good time for your character's grand opening.

Please include regular episode ideas in here so we don't throw random character stuff out.

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2 Re: Character Episode Appearances on Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:18 am


Currently we're discussing the three first characters that will appear in the first episode.
[spoiler="The scene we're looking for characters for":a2e7][quote:a2e7="Our artist"]ryuuko is ordering the humans to search for mimi...
as the humans are running somewhere, the camera goes in an alley and you see a miracle. he/she(1) is waiting for ryuuko to be alone so they can ambush her. in another alley, is another miracle(2). once ryuuko is alone, a miracle(maybe the main character whoever that is...) walks out of a different aley behind ryuuko and walks toward her. he/she(3) says they have been waiting a long time for this moment. he/she(3) attacks ryuuko but misses. as ryuuko takes a few steps back, he/she(1) comes out of the alley and plunges toward ryuuko. (uh slow mo time? Very Happy as ryuuko evades the attack, he/she(2) comes out and attacks, but only managed to cut off a small chunk of ryuuko's hair.) ryuuko notices her hair and is enraged D<
"What happened before this scene":
Mimi is a Miracle that had pretended to be a human her whole life and managed to skip the singing voice-stealing process due to an undetermined plan. In this scene, she is seen in an alleyway with a Light, named Ryuuko, and her family behind them. Her family is crying and wanting to help Mimi-- who is being tortured and injured by Ryuuko (and her cruelty/hatred for humans). There are several visible injuries on her, but Mimi's just against the wall and taking the beating. Ryuuko then rambles on and yells about how pathetic humans are, and then asks Mimi if she wants Ryuuko to kill Mimi's family (and if not, then entertain her more).
At this, Mimi's anger grows rapidly and her eagerness to protect her family activated her powers-- she grows wolf ears, a wolf tail, wolf fangs in her mouth, and her nails grow into half foot long claws. She then slashes them at Ryuuko's face (whom didn't react fast enough due to it being an extremely quick process), who screams in pain and clutches her face. Ryuuko then screams for her family and all else whom might have been around to go get Mimi. Since Mimi didn't want to fight or hurt her family, she runs away from the scene on all fours.
.. and then the intro song starts.

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