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1) If you are a temporary singer, please put "TEMPORARY" in the profile's title within the forum. It will help me greatly. OTL
2) I need all the singers to remember (or to those that did not already know, they need to take note of this) that their character's past can't have a school, or airplane area, or like.. something like that! Imagine the Middle Ages homes, but they are either partially destroyed, or completely destroyed. Whereas people are living on the streets or in the partially destroyed homes. The people are treated like slaves-- so most are dirty and look somewhat homeless-- so they are in poor conditions. For food, the whole town must line up in a giant line in front of a light who will give them food once a day-- or twice, if they're lucky. It's usually something simple like bread. And the water they get is from a stream that runs through a forest near the town. Sure, the setting's time is in the future, but the point of the anime is that the Lights have destroyed it so badly that it doesn't seem like the future any more. Religion and specific ethnic races, along with specific places such as Vietnam can not be specified. The future is different than our modern life.

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