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[Light] "Lilith" ~ Temporary Singer

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1 [Light] "Lilith" ~ Temporary Singer on Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:15 pm

Singer's Alias: Lu (ルー)

Character's Name: "Lilith" (given name, true name is a secret)

Character's Age: 17 but appears a bit younger

Character's Orientation: Straight but may become Bi(?).

Character's Gender: Female

Character's Personality: She acts, when the situation isn't stressful/dangerous, as a little child, with no cares in the world. She does what she wants.
If "it's time for business" her expressions reset to none and she becomes a fearless statue with a gaze that can steal your soul.
She thinks everything, even when she is playing around, she is still watching and paying attention to everything around her.
She is also curious and is always trying new things, which makes her actions impossible to read.

Character's Appearance: Pink hair with purple-ish reflexions. Long (till the chest) and a bit messy.
Her eyes are red/pink-ish in the morning and are purple by the end of the night.
They change depending on the light (with sun = red / night = purple).
She is a small (around 1.50m) and slim (44kg) girl with "some curves". But this appearance can change thanks to her ability.
(About the clothing.. I’ll try to handle a drawing/image for reference soon but it's basicly praticle clothes and yet unique.)

Character's Ability: Create Illusions(can be visual or sensations - like hearing or even feeling something like love/pain)

When does your character use these abilities?: Freely

Control: A good in - between – still learning and discovering new ways to use it.

Character's Weapon: Staff with a sharp end – it can be use to attack and to defend and it gets shorter when not in use so it's easy to carry.
Character's Past: She was born in some village. No details were saved in her mind because, since she was little, she was busy with classes to learn how to use better her powers and to collect voices and kill Miracles. Her mother, father and older brother were always to busy in collecting their voices, so "Lilith" was always alone although she could interact with others well thanks to her personality and, when needed, her ability…
Because she had to raise herself, she became the way she is now.. always in alert, even when playing, and never trusting anyone.

Character's Life: She lives a bit isolated from the others because she feels she doesn’t belong, but, sometimes, she tries to get along with other Lights so that no doubts are created around her (or she will probably just get killed). She likes to spend time watching Nature, like the movement of the ocean and observing people, finding their weakness and strong points…
Her hobby is to discover new things and infiltrate homes without being noted (what, in the begging, cause her some trouble since she couldn't control her ability that well to disguise her).

Side: Light.

Other: She, after everything, still has a tiny spark of hope in her heart and believes that day, somebody will give her the love that she didn't have..... But to make her feel this vulnerable it will be necessary to be the "end of the world" ..or even more.
[Warning: Details can be added]

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