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    [Miracle] Erowin Dove

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    1 [Miracle] Erowin Dove on Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:46 am

    Singer's Alias: Reiki Genkatori
    Character's Name: Erowin Dove
    Character's Age: 16
    Character's Orientation: Straight, wouldn't mind a love pairing
    Character's Gender: Male
    Character's Personality: He's normally pretty shy, but once drawn out of his shell, he becomes very determined. He's also a brainiac. He won't start a conversation with a stranger, they have to come to him, and he's very sensitive about his abnormality.
    Character's Appearance: Erowin is about 5'10", with short blue hair and gray eyes. He is thin and lanky, but quite agile. His standard outfit is a black blazer (with slits in the back over his shoulder blades) over a graphic t-shirt (with the same slits), and a pair of loose-cut jeans. He wears black semi-formal dress shoes. He has white wings which he can retract and fold flat underneath his shirts, his wingspan is about twice the length of his arms.
    Character's Ability: Besides flight granted by his wings, he is an expert at many types of magic, especially wind-based spells. He has a few restorative spells in his arsenal, but they are limited to healing small wounds and such.
    When does your character use these abilities?: He flies freely and uses magic when it suits him, but he only uses his offensive abilities in battle when he is forced to fight.
    Control: Erowin has total control of his abilities gained from years of practicing alone, but if his emotional distress gets too high, he runs the risk of losing control with each spell.
    Character's Weapon: Erowin has a vacuum-powered rifle which can be compressed to fit in his pocket. He is an excellent shot but the gun requires a 5-second charging time. He also carries a short dagger.
    Character's Past: Erowin was orphaned shortly after his birth, and was kidnapped by Lights for experimentation. The ultimate goal was to find out how to further empower the Lights by granting them wings and the ability to fly, and so Erowin was implanted with the DNA of the bird deemed most worthy to improve perfection: the dove. This is how he got his surname. There were other children that were part of the experiment, but each one was housed separately to prevent friendships from forming. After discovering his ability to sing, Erowin discovered from the other children that it was not a common ability, and that if discovered, he would be killed as a Miracle.
    When the experiment failed on all children but himself, the Lights began to realize that Erowin was not a normal human. When he was eight years old, Erowin escaped the experimental facility by using trained doves to attack the guards keeping him in his cell and flying free. He soon discovered an abandoned Light outpost, where he spent eight years training and mastering his magical abilities while living off supplies found in the outpost, including clothing and such.
    Character's Life: Erowin lives fairly comfortably but completely alone in the outpost, where he found many supplies, including his standard outfit, vacuum gun, and dagger, as well as books on magic. He has a routine of traveling to the neighboring city at least once a week on foot, where he trades the surplus supplies (cloth from uniforms, tools, etc.) from the outpost for food, however he is running out of bartering goods and will soon have to find a new lifestyle.
    Side: Erowin is a Miracle.
    Other: I am willing to rework this character if needed. Thank you for accepting me Very Happy

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