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[Light] Chie Lamperouge

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1 [Light] Chie Lamperouge on Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:50 pm

Singer's Alias:
Character's Name:
Character's Age:
Character's Orientation:
Prefer to be straight
Character's Gender:
Character's Personality:
didn't really pay attention to others, but not that 'dandere' still have some emotions, and it mostly some out when she's singing.
Character's Appearance:
I can't draw, so i think i have make a description about it m(__)m
She has purple eyes, long black hair, her height is about 160cm, have a straight bangs, like this little girl , her skin is normal, beige.
For clothes, She wear mini Dark brown ripple-skirt with lace on the edge, for the upper clothes, she wear light brown tank top, with a mix dark-light brown blazer. oh and i think she fits with a lot lace on her upper clothes Very Happy
Character's Ability:
I don't really understand here, but can i use 'Psychokinesis' those moving things with mind 's ability ? ?
When does your character use these abilities?:
She can do it practically anytime she wants, but she has a limit, cannot move thing that's 1000x times above her weight, she needs help from other psychokinesis user~
Character's Weapon:
something like darts~ an old one~ like those things old tribe used to kill their enemy~
Character's Past:
She lives in the castle with other Lights. She had a brother. Actually ever try to help a Miracle to escape once, but she's betrayed by the miracle, so now she didn't believe those miracles.

she try to help because she just feel bored, so she try to do something unusual(?)
but still, when she's betrayed it feels hurt, so she became moar vicious to other miracles since then~
Character's Life:
a spy that's controlling Miracles behavior
well, she disguised, but barely talk, like stalking lol xD
Lights. but i do not mind if it changed to Miracle~
Other:none yet~

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