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[MIRACLES] Souichiro Yamanada

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1 [MIRACLES] Souichiro Yamanada on Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:25 am

YTChorus: KasaPUPPY
Singer's Alias: KASA
Character's Name: Souichiro Yamanada
Character's Age: 18
Character's Orientation: Gay
Character's Gender: Male

Character's Personality: Yamanada is a worrisome type, he is very connected to his friends and family. If a problem occurs, he's usually the first to jump in to the trouble, and do his best to resolve it without any senseless violence. He hates having his name shortened (i.e. Sho, Ya-kun, ect.) and tends to over-react to small details.

Character's Appearance: Ask for it-- Since It seems that I'm not allowed to post a picture link for a week. DDD:

Character's Ability: Enhanced strength. (i.e. Increase in ones physical strength as opposed to his already strong nature.)

When does your character use these abilities?: Danger, Anger (REALLY angry.) It's basically a survival tactic.

Control: He has a lot of self control, and is able to keep himself in check.

Character's Weapon: Studded Gloves, meant to protect his hands from contact harm. However that doesn’t mean it protects his hands completely. The gloves are a black leather fabric, with studs hand stitched in to the knuckles.

Character's Past: Having being shackled by the rule of the Lights, and being cursed and at the same time blessed with the power to fight against them, Souichiro's life has been nothing but a constant battle. He trains on his own on a daily bases to gain physical strength, to enhance to a further level with his power. Thinking toward the future is what kept this child going. The very image of a future un ruled by the tyrannical Lights, and their barbaric customs which made them feel "superior."

Character's Life: Souichiro hides from the eyes of the Lights, but helps his fellow man when he best can. He never uses his power in front of humans, and only uses them as a last resort. He is very confident in his ability to fight back, without having to throw suspicion toward his power.

Side: Miracles.

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