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    [Miracle] Annabella Ismene

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    1 [Miracle] Annabella Ismene on Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:47 pm

    Annabella Ismene

    Temp reference picture.

    Singer's Alias: Imagine!
    Character's Name: Annabella Ismene
    Character's Age: Eighteen
    Character's Orientation: Straight
    Character's Gender: Female
    Character's Personality: Annabella is very sweet, kindhearted, and open. She treats everyone with respect, and tries to take care of them and make sure they are always happy and content. She is a people pleaser, sometimes overworking herself to make sure everything is okay and she has met everyone's needs, sometimes overworking herself to the point of exhaustion, though what makes her continue to do this is seeing people's faces. Content and happy. She doesn't like confrontation, as she believes it doesn't lead to anything good, and she doesn't like violence or yelling. She doesn't yell, ever. She sees, or think she sees, the best in everyone, even if maybe what she thinks she sees isn't there. She believes she has people's troubles figured out, and always has this mission to make them happy. Sometimes, this just gets her into trouble. Annabella is quite sensitive. She gets her feelings hurt easily though she really doesn't like to let it show, and will leave the room to cry. But she is also quite sensitive to other people's feelings, and will not judge, trying to understand what made them feel how they are, she is a good listener and will happilly let you cry the night away in her lap. She's honest, as she believes that it's important, though she sugar coats what she believe may hurt people's feelings. She can be a bit clingy sometimes, and she doesn't know she is doing it, she is just a bit protective or even possessive. And if she likes someone, she likes to spend all her time with them. Her world revolves around that person. At times she can be stubborn, and when she makes up her mind it's hard to change it. She is strong willed and when she wants something she will go after it. She is also quite the hopeless romantic and passionate person.
    Character's Appearance: Annabella stands about five foot six, and is slim and slender. Her skin is very pale, almost as if she is unhealthy and hasn't seen the light of day in years. Her hair is light brown, almost blonde, of shoulder length with wavyness to it. Her eyes are a light blue color, almost sky blue, which always appear to be tired or dazed. She has very petite and young looking features. Naturally thin, she has what people might call chicken legs, the fact she is tall does not help any. Often times she is seen wearing dresses of sorts, usually white in color, and is always barefoot. Her feet, are usually dirty from always walking around without shoes, and usually bloody whether dry or not. Her hands are usually somewhat dirty, but maintain to look young and dainty.She tends to look like she is tired a lot of the time, whether or not she is is questionable. She however is still very pretty and somewhat doll like.
    Character's Ability: Annabella has the ability to get into other people's minds, whom she has seen at one time. Basically, when in someone else's mind she feels what they feel, see what they see, etc. However, she cannot control them at all. She is simply just there. Someone in the background of their mind, watching an all too real movie. The person can be anywhere, and doesn't have to be anywhere near her. At times she is able to talk to said person, like she is their subconcious though is recognizable as not being so and they can talk back. Otherwise, she is basically able to be there without anyone/them knowing. The downside is, there are times she can get 'stuck' in someone's mind a bit longer than desired, and she basically leaves her body on idle - in a dazed state where she is not present.

    When does your character use these abilities?: Annabella uses her powers when in danger, or when it's convenient for her to use them. There are times however, that her powers are used on accident.
    Control: Annabella has complete control over her power (granted, her power has its downsides.)
    Character's Weapon: None
    Character's Past: Annabella grew up as a very sheltered child. Her parents, though never really around, seemed to keep her under lock and key. She grew up very naive and blind to the outside world, only ever taking in the surroundings in which she currently lived. Annabella actually grew up in a rich house hold. Her father was a businessman of some job she never learned, and her mother was a nurse in a nearby hospital. Her parents were always away because of their jobs, and never bothered to set aside time for their children. Annabella - had siblings. A younger sister and two yonger brothers. Her sister was her step sister, whereas her brothers were blood. Either way, she treated them all equally. Even though they had so called nannys, no one ever truely loved the children, which is what made Annabella how she was today. Annabella played both mommy and daddy everyday. In short, she raised her little brothers and sister. The nannys did all the basics, but they were not there all the time. Annabella would school them, make them food, play with them, and basically teach them right from wrong. However, she was never able to teach them the dangers of life, and explain anything ouside the household - she was too restricted herself. when they did see their parents, they seemed very cold, like they didn't want anything to do with their children, or like they didn't even want to claim them as their own. Annabella was naive, but she always picked up on the feelings of others. She had always encouraged her siblings to be themselves, and to never be fake to please others.

    Annabella and the children were homeschooled - Annabella by a private teacher and the siblings by Annabella. Their grades were exceptionally high, but they never thought twice about it. They all had a type of modesty they showed naturally, and some of their sister's personality traits rubbed off on them. As they got older, they were very tight. What they were deprived of was socialization with people their own age, they never learned how to be around others, which made them all dislike confrontation. They were all timid and soft. In their free time they usually did very artsy things, with the exception of anything musical, or video games. But they were always together. Annabella also had the overwhelming urge to take care of them, even if they could take care of themselves. But she had a knack of always knowing if something was wrong, reguardless of if they ever said anything. Their parents eventually broke up however, which seemed not to effect them too much, as they never knew their parents. However because of this, their father whom they stayed with, developed a drinking problem, and would take his anger out on the kids whenever he was around. They would literally be beaten or yelled at, and in the end Annabella was the one to sacrifice herself, always walking around with bruises. It was frustrating for her, but she would fake a smiling face, and try to hide as many things she could from her siblings. She played mom more than ever before, getting exhausted and overwhelmed. At this point in time, Annabella wondered if there was something she did wrong to make all this happen.

    Soon a harsh reality hit her however, she was never rich, her parents were never who they said they were. And she had never seen it, she had never seen anything but the inside of her house. It was apparently a horrible form of parenting, and her so called parents were more of strangers than she thought they were. Her father, she found out one day, was this thing called a 'light' killing something called 'miracles' which in the future, she would find out she was. She would find out all her siblings were. But not soon after her mother left them, and the beatings started, her siblings were murdered, right in front of her eyes. Apparently her father had a secret agenda for keeping them all alive, one her mother had not agreed with but went along with anyways. They, had some sort of abilities which her father thought would be helpful, but as a light had a natural hatred for them. Annabella, so naive, didn't know how to take in all the information. Broken, and scared, she ran away one day. Ran away to the outside world. One she didn't know how to react to as soon as she saw it. She was told by her nanny, or so they were called all these stories of a different world, a perfect one, but this was nothing of it. It looked like a world which was ending, a world tarnished and broken. Annabella didn't know much of the lights then, until her powers started up - she believed due to the shock. She would pop into her fathers head every now and again, retain all the information from all the lights, it was such an abrupt thing to see, the harsh reality she was brought into, something ruled by lights. Was she and her siblings, now gone, the only miracles? None of it seemed real.

    Character's Life: Will edit soon.
    Side: Miracle
    Other: Will edit

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