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    [Miracle] Kiru Yukio

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    1 [Miracle] Kiru Yukio on Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:18 am

    Singer's Alias: Mango
    Character's Name: Kiru Yukio
    Character's Age: 18
    Character's Orientation: Straight
    Character's Gender: Male
    Character's Personality: He's kind and cares deeply for others. Often at times he will go out of his way to help others before considering himself. He's quite quiet and reserved unless he's with a group of people whom he trusts. Otherwise he can be outgoing and humorous. He's also the type of person who usually tries to conceal his true emotions by faking a smile.

    He finds it hard to trust others at first glance but once he gets to know a person quite well, he is then willing to share his past and opens up to them. Honesty is often the first trait he looks for when meeting someone new. He can also be quite clumsy and can bring up awkward moments for himself at times.

    Character's Appearance:
    --- 5'10", 55kg
    --- Kiru is quite light for his height and is often called underweight because of this. He is slightly tanned and often wears his glasses even though he may not need them all the time (too lazy to remove them). His hair is pitch black but sometimes due to the lighting, may come out as a darkish brown. His bangs are parted to the left and the rest is layered. He also tends to spike some of his hair (especially at the top and back), but it really depends on his mood. (Close to display picture) His eyes are a dark brown and he often has a calm or relaxed look upon his face. He is often seen wearing casual clothes but loves hoodies. Kiru also always wears a watch on his left arm and an orange band behind it (force of habit). He also likes to wear his pair of white headphones around everywhere which hang around his neck.
    When using his ability though, his right eye will them change color to a goldish shade.

    Character's Ability: He has the ability of very precise aim. His right eye can bend light in certain ways to help him get amazingly accurate shots.

    Also has the ability to generate his own arrows or bolts which are then made up of his surroundings. Examples: (Fire, water, wood, metal)

    When does your character use these abilities?: Only when his loved ones are threatened or when he's trying to protect himself or others from harm.
    Control: He has full control over his eye and can hide it at any time when he's calm and collected. But during times of stress or great sadness, his eye is then revealed which then reflect his emotions quite clearly.
    Character's Weapon: A bow or crossbow / Arrows of light
    Character's Past: Kiru was raised in a small town and lived a quiet life even though the Lights had taken over his town. He would never talk to his parents much because they would always be out and left him at home alone. During these days, Kiru would secretly sneak out and explore around. He would often meet many other kids his age and they all eventually grew close. Until one day, a bunch of Lights approached their little group and began to bully them. As his friends tried to defend themselves, some of them began to exhibit strange powers due to anger. The Lights looked intrigued and took all the ones that did show signs and Kiru hasn't seen them since. He felt powerless because he couldn't do anything to stop the Lights from taking his friends away. These mixed feelings of anger/sadness awakened his powers and he noticed that his eye had changed color. He didn't understand why his eye had changed or even what his power was because since that incident, he often just stayed alone at home.

    As he grew older (around 15), he never figured out his powers and kinda just ignored his eye which would still change from time to time. His parents decided to abandoned him because they thought he was a burden. They treated Kiru as an object who was only in their way and left him to die. At this point, Kiru truly believed that this "family" of his was a lie and casted them out of his life. Everything just seemed like a lie to him and he even wondered about the people around him. (Perhaps they had other motives also? Am I just an object to them or maybe just to everyone in general?) Since all his close friends had left or had been taken by the Lights, he often found comfort behind singing when no one was around.

    Character's Life: Now at the age of 18, he lives in hiding from the Lights. He doesn't really talk to others and spends most of his time to himself. He is quite distant from his parents and he doesn't care about them. He understands the raging battles between the Lights and Miracles but he doesn't want to get involved. So he continues to stay in hiding.

    Side: Neutral (Becomes a Miracle later on)

    (Damn I wrote alot LOL)

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