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    [Miracle]Seira(no last name yet OTL)

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    1 [Miracle]Seira(no last name yet OTL) on Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:12 am

    Singer's Alias:Kera/けら
    Character's Name: Seira
    Character's Age: 17
    Character's Orientation: Straight and is okay with pairing
    Character's Gender: Female
    Character's Personality: Happy go lucky at first glance . Acts very kind to those who she cares about and will do anything to help them . Always brings Kaya with her . Doesnt really care much of how people think she is ! She takes things lightly and doesnt pay attentions to people unless your interesting to her or your one of her friends. Once you get to know her she has a very sad inner personality that she doesn't share with others . She wants to kill all Lights and has a horrible hatred for all of them since they killed all she had .
    Character's Appearance:
    Character's Ability: Can control two Elemental Katanas that are a pair/dual, Shiki one of the Katanas has the element of Ice and when is touched/ puntured by the enemy or into enemy the part where it touches such as the arm or leg will freeze for a span of time and will send shards of ice through the enemies body, when she is channeling all her energy she may freeze the whole body of the enemy but when using her energy to that extent she will loose a little bit of life span. Kei the other Katana holds the Element of Fire, when punctured or is touched by the enemy It will burn the enemys body from the inside out, when she uses her maximum power she will engulf the enemy in flames but as the same as Shiki if she does that she will loose a little bit of life span. They both have commands to Awaken Shiki's command is "Shatter" while on the other hand Rei's is "Roar" . They turn back into orginal form when she commands Shiki to "Sleep" and Rei to "Die" .
    Her regular eye color is red and blue though if she uses only one elemental Kantana then her eyes will turn either Blue or Red .
    Control: Very well controlled, if she wants to activate them they will respond and when she wants them to change into normal form they will .

    Character's Weapon: Katanas OTL .

    Character's Past: She use to live in the city with her parents, though she was bullied and was despised by others everyday since she has two different eyes colors . She would always consult with her parents and ask why does she have such eyes but they only respond that is doesn't matter since she was beautiful the way she was . Such kind words from her parents made her happy everyday even though she was bullied. Her mother sings her a lullaby every night to put her to sleep and this song would always make Seira happy to see how happy her mother sang it to her. At the age of five her parents gave her a Stuffed Rabbit named Kaya and 2 katanas her mama stated that one day when Seira was is in need of help Kaya will talk to her and lead her the way . Showing her the katanas Papa told her that one day a mysterious man left these katanas with Kaya and a letter saying that Seira will need these in the futue and she will need them to live, he then puts them up for a safe place . About 3 week later her parents rushed her to their dear friend Tai with his son Mao and asked if they can keep Seira there . They dropped her off and vanished . Tai then brought Seira to a far outter part of a abadoned forest to live so she would be safer, she never knew why her parents dropped her off and they have never came back .They end up living in the deep forest where there was a medium sized cabin with three rooms that belonged to his uncle when there family was in the poor state . When Seira was seven, she over heard a conversation that Tai was having with his son Mao(age Cool, stating that he should never bring up the subject that Seira'a parents has been murdered. She then became wary and wanted to know who killed her parents though there was nothing that can be done since she was not let out of the forest and was strangely convicted to never aloud to sing . She never took and interest in Mao so she never talked to him .When she started to grow she demanded Tai that she wanted to learn how to defend herself since Tai was a professional at using combat, martial arts, and archery . After a few days of consistant determination Tai agreed to train her . Then she started training her best to get revenge .

    Character's Life: Now age of 17 she still sets her mind on revenge . She decided when she turns 18 she will escape the forest to find whoever killed her parents and execute them painfully. Everyday she would train resentlessly til one day she fainted . Tai then become scared for her health and stopped her from training til her fever was gone. She refused and wanted to head back into training immediately until one day Mao opened her eyes telling her that she should stop with her grudge since he spotted her hearing the convo years again and just kept it quiet . He told her that her current status leaves the family very sad and hurts the family very much, with such words she gains her heart and apologizes for what she's done and decided to live a life without revenge and keeping a grudge . She found herself feeling happy everyday and accepted those people as her new family. Even though living her life with happiness one day Tai had to talk to her about the Katana's, he had hid them with the guidence of Seira's parents Sora and Kei saying that once she is ready show her the Katana's, he then told her about the Katana's and tells her that a mysterious man left her these katana's saying that she needed them to live she reads the letter and discovered they both have names and she is the only one to activate them and deactivate them with words . The letter also states that she should only activate them when she is in danger and she shouldnt use them over her capacity or her life will drain though she figured that she will never use them since her life was full of happiness. But in the end tragedy seems to strike again .
    After a couple of happy Months during a very hot day, sitting on a rock feets away from the Cabin she seemed to remember a song that she heard, before she knew it she started humming forgetting the rule of no singing . "Sleep my darling sleep, waiting for the sunrise...." Before she snapped back to reality a violent wind has struck the half empty forest . After seeing such a sight she saw a person appear, their face looking sadistic and heartless . He/she (dont know what gender this light is) started strucking Seira with blows of attacks where as all Seira could do was dodge it . Seira had no idea what was go on but all she could do is yell for Tai . Tai came out of the cabin expecting what he thought would happen but before he could say or do anything the mysterious person struck Tai making him fall straight to the ground throwing all the things in his arm out encluding Kaya and the Katana's . Seira was in shock, Tai was like her father and she rushed over to help him but the Strike was to strong . Tai was already to weak to stay alive, Tai's last words were to be happy and run away and escape using the Katana's . Seira could not bare it, she still believed that Tai had a chance to live and tried to carry him out but the the person started to Strike again causing Seira to dodge the attack and fall . She was feets away from the Katana's thinking that there is not a chance for her to live but the person was unamused to play with her and started to pout . "I thought you will be more fun to play with you since so many pathetic humans lost their lifes for you." Seira's eyes opened and replied "What are you talking about ?"The person replied back "You must be living in a nutshell not knowing who we are you stupid pathetic girl, We are lights all mighty powerful beings creating the perfect world . You just look like your pitiful parents who died for you, your a disgrace to this world having such eyes, you dont belong in the perfect world . I will finish you off quickly so stay still !" Seira was in shock, her heart filled with hatred that she couldnt even move . She thought to herself theres no point to living in such a horrid world and stayed still to meet her demise . Yet that did not happen for when she closed her eyes Mao(age:18) blocked for her . His impaled body falls onto her and he stares into her eyes (OTL) . He gently touched her face and did a signal to come closer . He then whispers her to live on life with out revenge and be as happy as when she was spending time with the family, he then kisses her on the forehead and mouthed out words she couldnt here . She became enraged and picked up the Katana's and ordered them to activate . The katana's became to glow and her eyes began to also . She took out the katana's and started to strike . The light smiled because of amusement and started to fight back . Seira started to fight with anger causing such energy to be used that she is almost at her capacity but she then she started to focus and aimed for her leg leaving a scratch that burned her/him . The Light then became suprised that Seira actually attacked him/her and ran away to tell the other lights to kill her. She was so close to her limit she passed out . Hours later she wakes up to a pink rabbit talking to her . Kaya(is a dude rabbit with a loli voice)then tells her he would help her on her way though she freaked out seeing a talking stuffed rabbit . After 1 hour later of WTF she accepts him and travels her way out the forest to hunt down all Lights and Annihalate them to take her revenge . Kaya advising her she should act more friendly to aquire people to kill the lights,she takes the idea and started to put up a "Happy Facade".
    Now she goes out there to kill all the Lights she could find .
    Side: Miracle cause good people are good ! *Nod Nod*

    Other:How the heck did i write that much OTL .

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    2 Re: [Miracle]Seira(no last name yet OTL) on Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:00 am

    THAT'S CUTE LOOOL I love it pocki-chi Wink

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